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Post  Dorris on Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:26 pm

Creator: Dorris Character: Alkanion
Race: Drakiian Height: 7'9" Weight: 300 lbs
Age: immortal Gender: Male
Personal weapons:(some races are restricted from some weapons and limited to some)
A double-sided O Katana. An o katana has a longer, thicker blade and a longer hilt
giving stronger beings more leverage and cutting power

Character History:His clan resided mainly in the delta region of lower Mississippi
and Alabama.It was very large and was one of the first to be attacked by the daemons.
He was one of the few to accept to be possessed by a daemon. The daemon, an extremely
powerful creature of pure ice, hardly gave an effort to possessing Alkanion. This is
what Alkanion wanted. With the daemon off his guard Alkanion was able to obliterate
it's mind and absorb its complete power this made Alkanion more powerful than most daemons.
He from then on had a hatred for the daemons humans and also to the angels. He decided
to find anyone to help him on his journey to revenge starting on Earth.

Personality:He wanted revenge on the humans angels and daemons. He is a fairly old
Drakiian with a no nonsense personality. He just wanted to find those willing to help
him take revenge and would not die till he did so.
Apperance: Black and dark green scales, immunity to fire and cold, the abillities of
heat vision and camouflage and a high control of the water.

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Post  Dorris on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:46 pm

Creator:Parker Casey (Admin) Character: Tyrel Hyvis

Race:Gelkran Height:6' 2'' Weight: 182 lbs

Age:16 Gender:Male

Personal weapons:
Hell's Bane- A katana forged by the Guardian Angel Amniel. It channels the user's aura along the edge allowing them to take an already deadly weapon and nearly triple its cutting potential. Tyrel uses it in conjuntion with his Hellion Magiks to create devestating attacks.
Marrowsting- A sage created crossbow. It creates bolts made of the user's aura that are capable of piercing light armor.
World Cleaver- a large claymore infused with the power of both the angels and the demons. It can release this power seperately or in unison, forming an attack known only as Chaos Nova, which is able to destroy even the most powerful on entities, at the cost of shortening the user's life signifigantly, usually only ten to twenty years maximum. Use of this will completely drain the user's aura, which is the cause of the life shorten, drawing on the users lifeforce to replenish the aura to a non fatal point.
Tractus- An extendable and collapsible spear that can turn from a short, thin bladed dagger to a 7' tall dual bladed halberd. The blade changes at will becoming single or multibladed with varying styles and lenghts. Name is Latin for 'Exstension'

Character History: Tyrel was born with the presence of the demon Zephyrian in his mind and spirit. They are one, but are still complete opposites. Zephyrian want to cause chaos and discord between all of the races of existance, yet Tyrel wishes for union, and peace. This led him to form Unity, an organization bent on peacful negotiations and union between heaven, hell, and earth. He sets about attemting to eradicate anything that puts a danger to his plans.

Personality: Tyrel is a generally happy person, not allowing trivial things to affect his mood. He loves having fun, which can be shown in his dealings with beings against his goal. In battle he will toy with his opponent, relishing every moment. Zephyrian however, toys with his opponent for the sheer love of battle which he rarely experiences, being within Tyrel's body. They are both sound fighters, able to take down most opponents they are faced with. They find grace to be the main need in battle, as seen as most of their abilities are based off of 'dances'

Thousand Blade Dance- Tyrel uses his aura to augment his limbs, allowing him far greater speed than usual. He moves faster than any human can track and many weaker demons and angels have trouble tracking his speed as well. He can use this to attack several opponents, or one enemy repeatedly, in rapid succession. If overused will put extreme strain on the muscles and bones, possibly dislocating joints, tearing muscle, or in extreme cases lacerating skin, muscle, AND, bone.

Dance of Thorns- A move based of of the Brazilian art of Capoeira. With a blade in both hands Tyrel preforms a mexmorizing and deadly series of complex movements, essentially turning himself into a ball of 'thorns' that defends and attacks from all angles.

Red Sword/Chaos Slash- Aura is gathered along the edge of a blade and released in destructive slash, which retains all of the destructive energy and cutting power of the sword itself. Allows for long range sword strikes.

Chaos Arts- Tyrel is the creator and a master of the Chaos Arts. He is capable of using all of them to their highest degree.


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Post  Alaska on Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:37 am

Create name: DK Ashe. Character name: Balasan
Race: Drakiian. Height: 7' 5". Weight: 210 lbs.
Age 81 years. Gender: Male
Personal weapons: One Draive sword(a Drakiian made sword that is about the 1 foot shorter than the wielder and has spikes down the middle of the blade that extend outward). 6 inch throwing daggers that are supplied by magical braces he wears giving him and unlimited supply. He also wears an arm blade attached to his left bracer that can extend at will, it is made out of a forgoten metal that is stronger than Mythril, as such it can double as a small shield to protect his arm.

Character History: Balasan had lived in Mount McKinley in the Denali valley in Alaska. He doesn't remember much about his family, only that his mother went off hunt decades before and never returned. He is very thin but that is common among the Alaskan clans, cold weather and not much food combined with a very physical existence make him all muscle. His uncle Fred ( the only human that knew of his existence and that had died a few years earlier) had taught him to fight always saying that a war was coming. The year he turned 80 a human had wandered into his cave deranged and talking of monsters. Balasan let him rest and talked to him the next morning. He said that demons where attacking humans. He showed Balasan his village and the devastation. Daemons ambushed them and killed the man. Balasan killed the one that killed the man and when the other two didn't attack he asked them if they had indeed destroyed the village. They told him yes and why they did and that a lot of daemons were attacking humans around the world. They also told him the history of the Drakiian's and human's. They invited him to join them but before he could answer the village was filled with armed humans attack the three of them. Balasan tried to run from it but the humans trapped him in a net. Before they could kill him the daemons jumped them from behind. With the humans dead the daemons made their offer again and Balasan accepted before they even finished.

Personality: Balasan used to be a happy person with a funny perspective but that was before the attack. Since then the only sense of humor he has is a sadistic one with a deep hatred of humans.

Appearance: Black and silver scales with an immunity to cold and wings. He has night and heat vision as well as a cold breath power and has a high (compared to other Drakiian's) control of the earth.


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