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Name: Blackfire Razor
Type: Melee/Magic
Requirements: Hellfire Magic
Description: Tyrel channels his aura along the blade of his sword, creating a line of black fire. He then slashes at the opponent, directing the fire in a wave sharp enough to cut through three inches of titanium.

Name: 1st Chaos Art: Falling Pheonix
Type: Magic
Requirements: Fire aura
Description: Tyrel channels his aura into his fist, generating a large flame around it. He then punches his opponent, causign a large explosion of flames, burning both him and his opponent. Massive fire damage.

Name: 2nd Chaos Art: Dragon Slash
Type: Melee
Requirements: None
Description: Tyrel restricts the form of his aura, condensing it around him in the shape of a dragon. This creats claws and fangs that are ten times sharper than any blade, capable of cutting through any surface. This also gives him the strength of the Dragon, increasing his by threefold.

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